The Med Direct Capital Story

In 2013, recognizing the unique financing needs of medical professionals, Med Direct Capital Founder Marissa Ignatowich developed a lending model based on consultation, flexibility, personalization, and speed.  Since then we have helped hundreds of healthcare professionals provide additional or enhanced services to greater numbers of patients.

To accomplish this we provide physicians with working capital – directly, without involving brokers – so they can cover payroll during an unexpected drop in cash flow, acquire state-of-the-art medical equipment, add specialized diagnostic and treatment services, modernize their office space, or launch marketing campaigns.

Our client-doctors are business owners, and that can mean pressure above and beyond practicing medicine. Driven by compassion for these challenges and admiration for what you do, we pride ourselves in funding clients quickly and without unnecessary stress. In addition to lending, we enjoy sharing insights we have developed from years of working in partnership with a growing number of medical practices. 

We are honored to be a part of our clients’ growth and their stories, supporting them how we can with capital, consultation, and creative solutions. We look forward to bringing these resources to more qualified practices.

If you think we can help, please take a minute to fill out our simple online application.

Marissa Ignatowich | Founder

Any Questions?

Because of our personal approach and the time we spend getting to know each business, our applicants enjoy a high approval rate and fast turn around time.

Med Direct has financing solutions for businesses with strong, well-established credit as well as those with imperfect credit. It is not necessary to have good-to-excellent credit to receive financing.

The biggest difference is in our approach. Our underwriting methods are healthcare industry-specific and take into account that every business and its owner are different. You will speak directly to a decision maker and discuss terms that work for your goals and needs.

We often provide higher dollar amounts than our competitors. We can pay off your existing balance if it is in your best interest.

Once you are a customer of Med Direct Capital, you can expect to maintain the relationship that you started with our decision makers. You will have direct access to their personal help by text, phone, and email. You will always call someone that knows who you are and is familiar with your account.

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