Considering an office remodel or cost effective makeover? Focus on your first impression, your patients and clients will notice. Allocating time and resources to refurbishing your office’s waiting room, adding a touch of personal style to a warm and welcoming front room, will go a long way to enhance a visit to your business.

Waiting room must haves:

Features an effective waiting room can’t be without:

  1. Uncluttered and clean beverage station providing easy access to cold water. Coffee and/or tea with all the fixings has become the norm more than the exception.
  2. A space away from the seating area for coats, strollers, walkers, and umbrellas.
  3. Light filled seating area facing the reception desk.
  4. Table and chairs for filling out forms-no more balancing clipboards on one knee.
  5. Green plants to add a touch of life.
  6. Up to date reading material
  7. Cool paint colors on the walls such as pale blues and greens to create a soothing and relaxed feeling.

Ready to make a statement? Consider these slightly greater investments that can pay significant dividends.

  1. Add an aquarium for visual interest.
  2. Separate play area for children with toys and floor pillows.
  3. Computer workstation
  4. Interior designer to pull it all together.

You don’t have to build a new facility or undergo a major renovation, a welcoming tranquil environment where time passes quickly and comfortably, will go a long way with increasing customer satisfaction.