On May 5, 2019, my first of four kids will turn 19 years old. This says a lot about what I’ve been doing for the last 20 years. Being a mother is by far the best job I’ve ever had. Being there through the good, the rough, and even the tedious, then watching them slowly grow into unique and wonderful young adults is beyond rewarding. Being part of their stories – and I have many – is something I treasure.

My second favorite job is another one you might say I also created, and that began when I founded Med Direct Capital. I love helping healthcare professionals grow their practices. They work hard and care very much about their patients. What more direct good can a person do in this world than being a good doctor?

I love my supporting role, and that is to enable them to keep going and, if it’s their goal, to provide additional or improved services to a greater number of people. I provide working capital so dedicated physicians can cover payroll during an unexpected cashflow crunch, purchase new equipment, add services, update their office space, or launch marketing campaigns.

My client-doctors are business owners, and that comes with a layer of responsibility and pressure all its own. I pride myself in funding my carefully selected clients quickly and with as little stress as possible so they can focus on what they have devoted their lives to.

What really makes my day – and where I most enjoy being part of their team – is engaging with my clients as they share their ideas and express their goals. I love to ask questions and help them think through their plans. It is rewarding to provide insight based on the many conversations and experiences I have had with so many healthcare business professionals over the years, many of whom faced similar challenges or identified new opportunities.

I have many stories of moments that made my day. Being able to share a fresh marketing idea that was successful for a dentist in California with another dentist in Texas.  Letting someone know they aren’t the only one experiencing a delay with a certain insurance provider. Sharing other’s successes or warning them away from tactics that weren’t so successful. Reviewing the creative aspects of marketing material or the usability and engagement of their new websites.

The point is I am a source of capital, yes.  But I am also invested in their success, which is why I gladly share what I’ve learned from many hundreds of professionals I engage with throughout the year, as well as ideas I’ve used to grow my own successful business.

I am honored to be a part of my clients’ growth and their stories, helping how I can with capital and consultation. I’m driven by compassion for their challenges and genuine admiration for what they do, and look forward to bringing my resources and insights to more qualified practices.